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Environmental Sustainability

Key to all the other units of Matakuxa is the Environmental Sustainability Unit, which is the knowledge hub of the company. The Matakuxa Sustainability Division will work to incorporate best-practice environmental sustainability principles and cutting-edge technologies in all the different facets of the company.
Personal Carbon Footprints Sustainability is a measure the resilience of biological systems (i.e. what makes them endure) and how they remain productive. At Matakuxa we seek to optimise the functioning of natural ecosystems in a human-dominated planet. As human society, are need to do a much better job of exploiting natural resources to power our production systems. Our approach to environmental sustainability requires the consideration of economic prospects, environmental resilience, and social equity. We view ecology as the central theme of sustainability – a healthy planet is a prerequisite for all our other functions and processes.

Current Project

City of Tshwane Bus Rapid Transit for Line 2C & 2D EIA Project
Matakuxa has been appointed as the Environmental Assessment Practitioners to coordinate the environmental application process for the Tshwane BRT project.

City of Tshwane This is in a bid to provide efficient and reliable public transportation options in the city to help unlock economic development opportunities.
The benefits of the BRT programme are in the form of reduced congestions and pollution associated with use of private motor vehicles. You can follow the links below to download copies of the project documents that have already been made available as part of the public participation process:

Current Project

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Among other services, the Matakuxa team renders the following services to clients:

  • Our general approach to environmental management is that of going beyond the norm and looking for innovative options to improve environmental conditions.
  • Assessing the full impacts of developments by looking at cumulative impacts of proposed developments and actions.
  • Preparing strategic environmental assessment reports which are a good platform to incorporate sustainable development goals and environmental sustainability principles.
  • In assisting companies with their sustainability reports, we take the approach of assessing the full carbon footprint of their operations, which will give us options of optimising positive impacts while mitigating negative ones.
  • Assessing corporate reports and incorporating sustainability reporting with an angle to maximise social equity to allow companies to make a tangible difference in communities.
  • At a basic level, we assist companies by undertaking full environmental impact assessments that go beyond merely obtaining authorisations. We assist companies to make timely interventions to incorporate sustainability actions.